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FACIAL TREATMENTS ( we work with Peggy Sage , Webecos, Germaine de Cappuccini, Skintech,Derma Aesthetic)

Deep cleansing facial treatment  From 35€

Hydrating facial treatment             From 25€

Anti Age Treatment                        From  50 €

Anti acne treatment                                   35€

Peelings from                                             25€ (previous consultation)

microdermabrasion treatment from                     50 €

IPL Foto rejuvenation  /Acne problems                 From 50€ (previous consultation)

Once in the month the specialist in Anti Age treatments : Botox , Restylane , Medical Peelings TCA etc will come to the salon previous  booked appointment , ask for more Info


Eyebrow coloring     10€ , ( if you do it in combination with a facial 8€)

Eyebrow shaping     10€   ( If you do it in combination with a facial 8€)

Eyelashes coloring  10€

Eyelashes extensions  1 by 1 35€ 3D 45€ russian volume 55€ nieuwe set en invullen vanaf 25€

Eyelashes lifting 25€

Cosmetic Manicure and Pedicure ( we work with OPI /Shellac/Indigo)

Manicure  spa starting from  15 € ( you can also ask just your nails  polished prices obviously would be cheaper)

Pedicure  spa starting from   30€


Armpits      10 €           Upper-lip   8 €

Bikini line   20€           Legs Total 35€

Brazilian     35€          arms Total 20€

IPL Permanent hair removal (previous consultation) Prices starting from 15 € depending from the area

If you do 2 or more areas you get 1 extra for free


Anti cellulite treatment , After Lipo treatment  from 35 €


Relaxing Balines Massage  from 25€

Hotstone massage                 from 30€

Cream Bath : Special treatment for the hair with massage and special cream made of natural products 15€


Do u have any special event , dinner or occasion and you wanna look great  we do your hair and your make up  depending of the type of make and hair style previous consultation.

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