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About me

Hi, my name is Evelyn. I’m a beautician with certification in Peru and Holland.
Since I was a young girl I have loved spas and beauty treatments. Like all people know, a latina girl loves everything about beauty and I found in my job, a passion that I want to share with everybody.

In my life I’ve learned that beauty is not just outside but inside too. So I decided to further immerse myself in the wellness area. That’s why I travelled to Asia. Thailand and Indonesia to learn more about spas, wellness and massages. I’ve been working in different beauty centers and spas in Peru as well as Holland until I decided that i should start my own concept add opened my own salon, a mixture between beauty and wellness.

Later on i decided to study make up artist and worked in different events fashion shows , fotoshoots for different brands i really loved , at that period the booming of the lash industry started so i decided to take courses to do lash extensions and was one of the best desitions i ever took, in the beginning was difficult but with practice it became my new passion so since 2012 i worked in the lash industry , i took different courses master programs and nowadays i give also courses to beginners and students who want to look for perfection, in the  meanwhile i also started my own brand of lashes and beauty products . In 2017 i started my new concept a international salon where u can find everything from beauty treatments to beauty academy and beauty products.

Come visit Wellness n Beauty by Eve. Forget about stress, come for a lash extensions , manicure  of hair  treatment. Experience a beauty treatment your body and your mind will appreciate it. our collegas will help you
And remember: Beauty is a reflection of your soul.